Making a Deposit at Wells Fargo — of a Car

So Snitch is strutting down Mission and 22nd at a quarter to six on Saturday afternoon when we come upon what looks like either a Hollywood disaster set or Ground Zero, Wells Fargo-style. The bank's entire corner window had been busted out by a wayward car. We were starting to ponder the possible motives: A disgruntled vigilante exacting justice for his home being foreclosed? A bombastic entrance for a Shock and Awe bank robbery?

According to the police blotter, the back story was a little more mundane. A car that been traveling towards downtown on Mission crashed into another car before veering up on the sidewalk and taking out the bank at 3:57 p.m. We're guessing fewer bankers will now be vying for the window seats.

Thankfully, the injuries were “non life-threatening,” but the Snitch would still like to dispense some friendly advice: You best be on the lookout for cars gone wild on Mission because nearly the same thing happened last September when a Jaguar flew up on the sidewalk just one block away and killed 27-year-old La Taza cafe worker Gaspar Caballero.

The car had already been towed away from the Wells Fargo by that time gawkers like us stopped to snap photos with their cell phones and asked the cops what the heck happened. (The presence of law enforcement seemed to compel the illegal hot dog vendor across the street to hide his propane-fueled grill in his Astro van, where the hotdogs continued to sizzle away.) The cops thought themselves very witty by responding to the quizzical onlookers with,  “They wanted to make it a drive-through.” 

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