‘Mamava Lactation Pod’ Installed at City Hall

The pod offers nursing mothers a comfortable safe space to breastfeed or pump.

City Hall has become slightly more welcoming to nursing mothers this week, with the installation of a brand new “lactation pod.” The Mamava offers mothers a private space to breastfeed their children, or pump their breastmilk.

Supervisor Katy Tang announced the installation of the Mamava on her Facebook page Tuesday afternoon. “We passed legislation in July at the Board of Supervisors to improve lactation accommodation for city employees,” Tang wrote. “This pod will help us achieve our mission by providing a clean and private place to pump breast milk, especially for moms who may be visiting City Hall during their work day.”

Each Mamava contains a seat, a shelf for putting a breast pump, an electrical outlet, and a door that locks.

Another Mamava pod will be installed at the Hall of Justice before the end of the year, and two more pods are set to be installed in other city departments—location TBD.

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