Man Calls BART Police on Burrito-Eating Rider

"We've got somebody dining," the man reported on the BART train.

#BBQBecky. #PermitPatty. Could the Bay Area get a sequel?

No hashtags have emerged but we’ve got another regional tattler in a Hawaiian shirt-clad man who called police on a man for eating a burrito on BART. In a viral video, the man can be heard saying, “we’ve got somebody dining.”

First, he tells the burrito-eater across the aisle from him that a sign says no eating and drinking is allowed on the train. As the dining persisted, the man sounds exasperated.

“You don’t get it. You must be stupid,” he says. “I’ve seen people like you on TV.”

We’re going to take a locally-informed guess here and think of Stanley Roberts’ KRON segment “People Behaving Badly.” Otherwise, we’re dying to know what TV shows he’s watching.

Soon after, he gets up to report the life-threatening situation to the police on the intercom as surrounding passengers scoff in the background. One even tells him that he must not ride BART very much, to which he says that he probably rides BART more than anybody.

Fellow riders continue to side with the burrito-muncher, telling him to smile as the police-reporting man takes a photo of him after sitting back down. At the next stop, the diner gets up to leave and others tell him to “have a great day.”

“You eat your burrito,” one rider says. “Enjoy that shit.”

Clearly, riders on that train couldn’t care less that someone ate on BART. But some Reddit commenters don’t like the smells and occasional mess it brings but many felt calling law enforcement was drastic.

“I see this and it just makes me feel like a crazy person that someone wants the cops to handle something so petty even if I prefer people not eat on BART,” wrote Reddit user Cjwillwin.

Really though, what is it about the Bay Area that has our middle-aged white folks so eager to call the police on the least-significant infractions and then get famous for it? We’re all ears.

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