Man Uses Knife to Steal Lone Phone Car Charger

Despite the employee's repeated insistence to pay, the man cut a charger out of a display case at a MetroPCS store in Lower Pacific Heights.

As understandable as the desperation that comes with a dead cell phone battery is, using a knife to steal a charger isn’t.

But on Saturday, a man walked into a Lower Pacific Heights store with a knife and left with a stolen phone car charger, police said Monday. The robbery occurred at the MetroPCS authorized dealer at 1920 Post St., employee Jennie Torres confirmed Monday afternoon.

The man entered the store around 10:20 a.m., demanding a phone charger for his car. When a 16-year-old worker refused, he whipped out a knife.

Rather than force the employee to hand him the charger, the suspect cut open a display case to retrieve the item himself. Still, the female employee loyally informed the man that he had to pay for the item.

Unmoved by the struggles of the retail industry, the suspect brandished the knife and left the store.

No arrests have yet been made, police say. Either way, we wish the display case a speedy recovery.

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