Man Who Very Nearly Quotes George Thorogood To Cops Arrested For DUI

There's always a right and wrong way to do things, even when you're doing the wrong thing. So when you're parked on the sidewalk a hop, skip, and a jump from an elementary school at 6:20 in the morning with your throbbing skull resting on the steering wheel — as was the case  recently in the Outer Sunset — there's still a correct and incorrect way to deal with the cops who awake you from your troubled slumber:

Right: “I was just really broken up at how little I donated to the Police Athletic League this year. I want to give;”

Right: “I thought I was over the 2002 World Series, but I was wrong.”

Wrong: “I only drank some beers and shots;”

Yes, that's what the man said. If ever stopped by the police, it's generally a poor idea, for any reason, to essentially quote a George Thorogood song (yes we know “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer,” was written by John Lee Hooker — but once Thorogood got his hands on it — that sealed it).   

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