'March Against Muni' Organizers Say They're Just Two Frustrated Bus-Riders

As the March 1 “March Against Muni” draws near, a number of questions are being bandied about with greater frequency. No. 1 is, “Who are these people?” You won't find out on their Web site, leading to rumors even among intelligent, Muni-knowledgeable people that this was yet another crusade of International ANSWER — the people who ruined the antiwar movement and can find ways to blame Israel for the weather in the Pacific Northwest.

Well, the organizers claim it's not. Jared Roussel and Blake Bakken say they're just two city guys who ride Muni, have had enough, and aren't affiliated with any larger groups. Bakken is a graphic designer — that's why they've got stellar visuals on their Web site — and Russo is a Web guy, too. They've amassed 600 Facebook friends and come Monday, they're hoping to march down Market Street, ululate with righteous discontent, and revive this moribund transit system.

Good luck with that.

Muni is a Gordian Knot of politics, ill will, fiscal mismanagement, and, of course, urine; you can't solve its myriad problems by pulling a Howard Beale and bellowing that you're mad as hell and you're not going to take this anymore. You have to take this — there's no other bus system in town.

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