Marijuana Crackdown Staged to Distract From “Fast and Furious” Scandal, Author Says

Turns out the federal Justice Department's almost-yearlong crackdown on state-legal medical cannabis has nothing to do with hard-line drug warriors, forfeiture numbers, President Barack Obama's reelection effort — or even marijuana itself.

Shutting dispensaries in California, Colorado, Montana, and Washington is all an attempt at political misdirection, with a state-legal industry as the unfortunate collateral damage, according to journalist Martin A. Lee.

Attorney General Eric Holder directed his prosecutors to dismantle legal weed so that he could distract Republican congressmen and Justice Department officials from his mishandling of the “Fast and Furious” gun-walking scandal, Lee, the author of an upcoming social history of marijuana, said in an article published this weekend on Truthout.

It's not the wildest attempt at finding meaning behind the crackdown, an effort for which the Justice Department seems to have limited enthusiasm and even less political support. Though it does conveniently ignore a few key points — including the fact that prosecutors cracked down on marijuana months before anyone had heard of  “gun-walking.”

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