Marijuana Dispensary's Spokesman: The “Master of Disaster”

“When something blows up,” a longtime city politico once told us, “You better call Sam Singer.” 

Singer, a “crisis consultant ” and the subject of an SF Weekly profile in August, is perhaps the first man to call when things go suddenly and inexorably wrong (hence his nicknames “The Fixer” and “The Master of Disaster”).

As we noted in that story, “When your workspace is engulfed in flames; when your mistress threatens to reveal your illegitimate family; when your restaurant serves up E. coli burgers; when your employees inadvertently kill a young child; when a wild beast rampages through your place of business — you better call Sam Singer.”

On the other hand, a good deal of the firm's work is more straight-ahead public relations for people and companies that haven't yet blown up. So that explains why Singer's executive vice president, Adam Alberti, is the new spokesman for medical marijuana dispensary Sparc

[jump] While the connection between Singer Associates and the world of medical marijuana did raise some eyebrows, Alberti notes that this is not the firm's first pot rodeo. It represented a would-be dispensary interests in San Mateo and “was involved in some statewide legislative issues on behalf of others.” 

This, however, is the first San Francisco dispensary on the firm's client list

Alberti, meanwhile, is now the spokesman for Sparc as well as a spokesman for Recology — meaning he is the de facto spokesman for anyone who throws marijuana in the garbage. 

Or maybe not: “I represent a number of different people on different issues; my crossover has nothing to do with it.” 

Fair enough. But if anything goes wrong, everyone knows who to call. 

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