Marijuana Is Still San Francisco's Political Loser

Judging by the smell test alone, you might think that everyone in San Francisco is a marijuana lover (and a connoisseur of various strains by default).

You'd be wrong. Lest we forget in light of polls that say 58 percent of all Americans favor legal weed, there are citizens who strongly dislike the magic plant — Marin resident Gavin Newsom springs to mind — even as they realize it's time to legalize it. And there are plenty locals who loathe cannabis marijuana and who want nothing to do with it, medical or otherwise.

This is not lost on City Hall, where — despite an active moneymaking industry, and a movement with real organizing power — medical marijuana remains a toxic subject, a political “third rail” that's been a lose-lose for politicians, who are as a result leery to touch it.

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