Marijuana Legalization Measure Has Support of Mendocino Growers

Can Protections for Medical Patients Help Succeed Where Proposition 19 Failed?

Cannabis advocates promised they'd be back at the California ballot following marijuana legalization measure Proposition 19's historic failure in November 2010 (the measure received more votes than gubernatorial hopeful Meg Whitman, and at a fraction of a cost). And while the backers of Prop. 19 have yet to introduce a successor measure — and, rumor has it, they may not — other legalization activists are not waiting.

This morning, Mendocino County activist Pebbles Trippet — the subject of a 1997 court ruling in which medical marijuana users were granted the right to transport their cannabis — is on her way to Sacramento to file the text for the “Repeal Cannabis Prohibition” act at the Attorney General, according to Sonoma County attorney Joe Rogoway of the Cannabis Law Institute, another of the ballot measure's cosponsors.

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