Marijuana Protesters Give President Obama a Break in San Francisco Today

President Barack Obama is in San Francisco today, and at this moment, he's somewhere between a fundraiser at the SFJazz Center and a much more expensive fundraiser at founder Marc Benioff's house. Little of this is relevant for people not spending $32,500 on lunch. For them, having President Obama in town always means two things: traffic and protesters.

Every cause is here: Demonstrators opposed to the Keystone XL pipeline showed up today to say no to a 1,700-mile-long stream of tar sands oil, as they have at Obama fundraisers past at the Masonic Center Auditorium and at the W Hotel. There's an action in Hayes Valley from Codepink against “Obama the Drone Criminal,” and in Chinatown this morning, Obama also received an earful on immigration reform. But at least for a day, the Choomer in Chief got a pass on drug reform.

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