Marijuana Roundup: The Year In Pot

How was your 2010? For the cannabis community, it was a wild flip of the calendar, with dispensaries opening and closing, police raiding, a medical cannabis luminary thrown in jail for meth charges — and we vaguely remember something about a legalization ballot measure.

There's still time yet before 2011 — who knows what the next few weeks will bring?. In any event, here's your recap of the Year in Pot (to date).

Regulated Edibles Means Hidden Cookies

The year opened with ambitious rule changes from the San Francisco Department of Public Health, which oversees the city's medical cannabis regulations. The city passed strict rules regarding dispensaries manufacturing and selling of medical cannabis edibles — requiring food-handling courses and kitchen inspections for the folks cooking butter and baking brownies. New rules on labels were also passed: All edibles now come with a “made-on date” stamped on their wrappers — which are now required to be opaque (as in not see-through), as to not attract children. Is your brownie rotten? Only one way to find out — open it up and take a sniff. But that's what kids are for, right?

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