Marijuana Smokers Are Good Parents, New Group Affirms

The mainstreaming of marijuana use hasn't permeated everything. It's not smart to be black or brown and use marijuana in New York City, for example (though we'll see if the nation's largest city adopts a less reactionary attitude when Bloomberg becomes again just a financial machine and news source).

While politicians are of late being encouraged to go on record on their support of marijuana, it's still considered ill-advised to be a parent and be up front about your marijuana use. One of the most-frequently trotted-out arguments against marijuana legalization and about legal medical cannabis dispensaries is “What about the children?” And indeed, what about them? Instances in California are rare, but police are known to involve Child Protective Services and allege child endangerment when a parent uses cannabis.

A Bay Area weed activist is trying to change all that with a movement — Parents4Pot — based on a perhaps-radical premise: using marijuana can make you a better parent. As the group says, “'Dad ate all the potato chips again' is always better than 'dad is passed out on the front lawn again.'”

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