Marijuana Smokers Are Skinnier Than Everyone Else

Forget marijuana — medical or otherwise — as a performance-enhancer for such accolades as “winner” of the Chubby Bunny competition. Consider the magic plant, instead, as a partner in weight loss.

That's right, pard: the antimunchies. Or at least the antifatties.

Americans who don't use marijuana are more likely than cannabis users to be obese, according to a study conducted by two French scientists, recently published in the American Journal of Epidemiology. Using data collected by previous investigations, the authors of “Obesity and Cannabis Use” found that folks who smoked cannabis three times a week were about 50 percent less likely to be dangerously overweight (22 percent of nonsmokers were obese, compared to 14 percent of smokers).

That may run contrary to folks' prevailing image of marijuana smokers indulging in midnight fast food runs, but here in the Bay Area, there's scientific, as well as anecdotal evidence to back up this perhaps surprising find.

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