Marijuana Use Is on the Rise … Among Dogs and Cats

Animals are known to consume marijuana. In fact, many have long known that pot producers in the northern counties deer-proof their marijuana plants, else docile does and bucks will chew on the buds and leaves. This author once knew a parrot who liked to consume cured bud, as well as stems and seeds, and would actually seek out these mood-altering treats.

Perhaps all this sounds surprising until you stumble across this fact: There's been an increase in marijuana use among dogs, cats, and other domestic pets, according to a report out of Colorado.

Since the legalization of medical marijuana in Colorado, there's been a dramatic “spike” in the number of furry companions being rushed to the vet after mistakenly (or happily?) consuming marijuana, according to a report in the Durango Herald. Vets reported a 30-fold increase in these cases — and it's not likely to abate, as long as the threat of the semi-legal devil medicine is among us. “Dogs love the stuff,” one vet told the newspaper.


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