Marina Safeway Clerk Bought Winning $1.9 Million Lottery Ticket

If the ticket hit all six winning numbers, the Safeway store would have sold a piece of paper worth $667 million.

A not-quite winning but nonetheless fruitful Mega Millions ticket worth $1.9 million was sold by none other than the Marina Safeway — to its own employee, California Lottery announced Wednesday.

Though no one matched all six winning numbers that would have swept the then-$667 million jackpot, the Mega Millions ticket hit five numbers to take home $1.9 million. According to store manager Lea Maxwell, the winner was not a random customer but the Marina Boulevard store’s own bakery clerk.

Maxwell described her employee as a humble, great guy in his 20s who has been a hard worker during his two years at the Marina Safeway. He had the ticket in his wallet and didn’t know five of six numbers matched until a coworker checked for him.

But because he’s extremely shy and nervous, the Safeway team snuck him out the back to avoid reporters. Though not all customers may be aware that the store sold a partially-winning ticket, it has been humming a little more than usual.

“We’re extremely popular in San Francisco right now,” Maxwell tells SF Weekly. “We’ve seen some action — more action.”

That could be due to the Mega Millions jackpot hitting $900 million on Thursday morning.  The Safeway employee may have walked away with perhaps enough to buy a decent house in the city, but could get lucky again for Friday’s jackpot.

As California Lottery tweeted with the announcement, #wow.

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