Mark Leno Already Beating Mayor Ed Lee — On Facebook

The word around town ended up being the printed word this week: A poll shows Sen. Mark Leno edging Mayor Ed Lee in a head-to-head matchup, Leno knows this, other people know this, and Leno is entertaining the offers of those other people to pull this matter out of hypothetical terms.

Growing discontent with the city's ostensible new mantra of “What's good for tech is good for San Francisco” — and Lee's close ties to billionaire venture capitalist Ron Conway and other tech barons — has rendered Leno an attractive candidate for some. Again, Leno knows this: He's slammed the city ordinance validating Airbnb the mayor recently signed, echoing the same reservations publicly aired by Sen. Dianne Feinstein

The mayoral election is slightly over a year off. To put it mildly, a lot can happen in a year. But there is one place where Leno is already outpolling Lee: The Internet. 

[jump] Granted, it's hardly scientific. And hardly solid data. But, nevertheless, it is interesting: Ed Lee's mayoral Facebook page, established 2011, has garnered some 752 likes. 

The “Recruit Mark Leno, Retire Ed Lee, Reclaim San Francisco” page, established Oct. 21, has amassed 1,100 likes. 

(The pro-Leno page, incidentally, was established by the “Committee to Reclaim San Francisco.” It is not, at this time, exactly clear who the members of this group are. Calls have been made). 

Likes aren't the same things as votes. And being mayor of the Internet doesn't much compare with administering an actual city. But the former could translate into the latter. In the next year and change, we'll all see if that's possible. 

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