Mark Leno Officially Kicks Off Re-Election Campaign — For 2012. Isn't This a Bit Early? 'I'm Actually Late,' He Says.

Last week, we asked Sen. Mark Leno if he had any plans to run for mayor of San Francisco. He replied that with only one year in the books of his four-year state senate term, his priorities are now in Sacramento (but “never say never”).

So it's too soon to start thinking about City Hall — but not too soon for Leno to officially inaugurate his re-election campaign … for 2012. Leno's “campaign kickoff” will be on Oct. 1 at Club Trigger in the Castro. How to put this — isn't all this a tad premature?

“Oh, hardly,” says Leno. “Actually, I'm late. This'll be my first San Francisco event, in October. Most of my colleagues had their first events back in the spring.”

Leno patiently explained why it isn't patently ridiculous for a sitting state senator to begin his re-election campaign three years in advance. By the time he was done, it almost made sense. Almost. 

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