Mark Zuckerberg Now Worth $20 Billion More: How Many Hoodies Will That Buy Him?

This morning, Facebook CEO and hoodie aficionado Mark Zuckerberg changed the world for the second time when he rang the bell, making his multi-billion-dollar company officially public. As Mike Cassidy from the Mercury News so aptly put it: It was like “Christmas, New Year's, Diwali, Tet, Fiestas Patrias and the Fourth of July all rolled into one.”

Investors, the media, and pretty much the whole world were in a Facebook frenzy this morning as they watched the Silicon Valley social media business make a new mark as the biggest tech company IPO ever. More than 100 million shares were sold in under five minutes, which brings us to the next obvious question: How many new hoodies can Mark Zuckerberg buy now that he's worth $20 billion more?

We did some quick calculations and found that an elegant American Apparel hoodie costs $48 — not including tax. Let's assume they let the sales tax slide for Zuck. He could easily take home 416,666,666 brand-new hoodies

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