Massive Blue Whale to March at Crissy Field This Weekend

Are you one of those Shark Week and Free Willy fans who always wondered what it would be like to fill the shoes, or rather, fins, of these sea creatures? Well, here's your chance.

On Sunday, Blue Whale Tatzoo is holding a march at Crissy Field, where participants will be able to create an imitation of a life-sized blue whale to help raise awareness about this endangered species.
Participants will head down to 937 Mason (at California) at 1 p.m. on Sunday, donning their favorite blue garb to fit in with our cetaceous brethren.
During this two-hour event, before assembling and strutting within this imitation maritime mammal, participants will be able to create that blubber eat free food, develop your echolocation listen to live music, and win raffle prizes. During the march of the 98-foot creature, they will be filmed for Tatzoo's documentary to save the whales.

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