Massive Piles of Crap Irk City

San Franciscans are often an entitled bunch. And massive piles of rancid waste are often unpleasant. Put the two of them together and what do you have? An angry city government.

Entitled locals who feel free to leave tons of heaping debris and waste festering on public land have struck a nerve with the Department of Public Works — the city body stuck cleaning up the mess. In the last week alone, DPW has been forced to take responsibility for three massive piles of crap in the vicinity of Bernal Heights Park — one of which was actually on fire (the clandestine deposit of flaming crap is humorous when the said item is small enough to fit in a bag placed atop a front porch. A burning garbage heap is less entertaining).

A third crap pile was, in a move that oozes imminent karmic retribution, left atop a handicapped parking space.

All told, 6.3 tons of crap was removed in three trips; items included paint buckets, “green waste,” construction materials, wood, nails, and other industrial items.

You know what happens when three piles of crap — one aflame — are removed from Bernal Heights? Public meetings are called.

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