Mavericks: It's Officially Official, It Might Happen This Year

Today marks the official “wave window” opening for the Mavericks surf contest in Half Moon Bay and many would-be competitors are expected to show up for the official paddle out ceremony at 2:00 PM. After a disappointing cancellation for lack of waves last year, hope are running very high for some gnarly rides this time around.

The window of opportunity for the contest will stay open until March 31, 2008, and contestants are given just 24 hours notice to get there when the insanely large, desirable waves — up to 50 feet high — shape up. Surfers and watchers alike should make haste and sign up for email/text alerts to get the official greenlight message.

Check out some wicked video (above) of the final heat of the 2006 contest and don't forget that when the bay finally calls the day, you will be able to watch the whole thing live and free, via webcast.

— Brian Bernbaum

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