Mayor Ed Lee Blocks Plan to Let Shuttered Pot Clubs Operate on City Property

The boom and bust cycles that have created jobs and driven up rent and home prices in San Francisco apply to things other than technology. 
A year ago, there were nearly 30 medical marijuana dispensaries in town; they were paying permit fees and taxes. Now, a year after the federal Justice Department began an off-again, on-again, sometimes-apathetic, sometimes-strident crackdown on California's cannabis industry, there are 20.
Some of the shuttered dispensaries were close to reopening this year — the Department of Public Health had a plan to allow the collectives shut down by the feds to vend their wares on city property. But that idea was nixed by the Mayor's Office, according to e-mails. It's not known who made the call in Mayor Ed Lee's office, but this setback is yet another pot-unfriendly move made by the Lee administration.

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