Mayor Ed Lee Finally Breaks Silence on Medical Marijuana

“If you get Ed Lee on record about medical marijuana,” more than one well-connected San Francisco politico has told us, “you deserve a medal.”

Our best efforts were all deflected, including a situation when we physically blocked Mayor Lee's path to his hybrid Mayoralmobile and still did not win a comment. So accolades are due to Americans for Safe Access, which circulated a three-paragraph statement released by Mayor Ed Lee's office on Friday.

The mayor has stood silent while the federal Justice Department shut down five city-licensed dispensaries and while San Francisco's health department paused and unpaused its licensing program, so the words from Lee — one of the lone members of the city family absent from an April 3 pro-marijuana rally on the City Hall steps — have been a long time coming.

Firebrand it isn't. The strongest words are “important”, “concerned”, and “agree,” and no action of any kind is promised or even recommended. But that such a tepid statement would be so welcomed is a signal of how lukewarm our mustachioed mayor has been on marijuana — and how delicate the former city administrator's relationship is with the medical marijuana movement.

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