Mayor Ed Lee Suspends Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi, Files Misconduct Charges

Mayor Ed Lee officially charged Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi with misconduct today, stating the elected official's conduct “is fundamentally incompatible with holding the Office of Sheriff.”

Lee  took a kitchen sink approach with the charges, rattling off several ways in which Mirkarimi's actions around a December 31 domestic dispute with his wife, Eliana Lopez, are related to the duties of his job.

The charges come two days after Mirkarimi pleaded guilty to false imprisonment stemming from the dispute in which he allegedly bruised his wife's arm. In return for the plea, District Attorney George Gascón dropped three other charges, including battery, child endangerment, and dissuading a witness.

Shortly after Mirkarimi was sentenced to three years probation, Lee sat down with the sheriff, giving him the option of resigning or being fired. Yesterday Mirkarimi announced that he would not resign, claiming he was still an elected official capable of doing his job. In return, Lee announced that he would suspend Mirkarimi and file the misconduct charges — the first steps toward permanently ousting the sheriff.

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