Mayor Ed Lee Takes Public Dig at Former Muni Chief Nat Ford

UPDATE: Upon review, SF Weekly learned that the original story from Huffington Post San Francisco erroneously reported comments Mayor Lee made at the Board of Supervisors meeting. The comments had been lifted from a parody written by the Examiner's Melissa Griffin. We referenced the comments coming from the Huffington Post. We regret the error.

Unlike his predecessor Gavin Newsom, Mayor Ed Lee hasn't run in the other direction when asked to participate in a public Q&A with the Board of Supervisors once a month — although, he kinda has no choice.

This public inquisition by his peers could be chock-full of print-worthy moments if not for its contrived nature. You see, Lee gets to read the supes' questions long before the actual Q&A session starts, giving him plenty of time to script the perfect response. Needless to say, it's a sterile show. 

Scripted or not, however, Lee did give us something to chew on this past Tuesday. When the “conversation” focused on Muni, Lee was asked to talk about what he expects in the next Muni chief who will be replacing Nat Ford.

Let's just say political correctness was left by the wayside.

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