Mayor Ed Lee, Willie Brown, and Rose Pak Have a Laugh at Dinner

For San Francisco's new political triumvirate, the party never stops. 

On Jan. 6, Rose Pak and Willie Brown gleefully boasted to The Bay Citizen, that they'd orchestrated Ed Lee's selection as San Francisco's interim mayor. “As you know, I live serving my city. Would this be the next way?” Lee reportedly asked Pak in an e-mail.

Not long afterward, Pak and Brown flanked Lee at a celebratory dinner held by Lee On Dong, the Lee family association. The trio were arm-and-arm much of the night, Pak and Brown proudly mugging all the while, our informant said.

Then on Monday, Feb. 7, the inseparable trio were seen intimately living it up at North Beach Restaurant at about 9:30 p.m. 
Here's the back of Pak's head as she watches Lee deferentially yuk it up at a funny made by the former Ayatollah of the Assembly.

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