Mayor Ed Lee's Stop-and-Frisk Policy Is Giving San Franciscans Something to Protest

Not surprisingly, the news that Mayor Ed Lee was considering implementing a stop-and-frisk policy in this liberal bastion sent plenty of San Franciscans reeling. The impetus behind the mayor's idea is to put a clamp on the never-ending gun violence on the street.

But community members here are hoping to put a clamp on the mayor's plan even before its been officially proposed. A group already started a Facebook page to protest Stop and Frisk, and next Tuesday, San Francisco's Black Young Democrats will host a rally on the steps of City Hall at 10 a.m. The group is also circulating its own petition saying “no” to a stop-and-frisk policy in San Francisco.

“This initiative would directly affect young minorities of color,

legitimize and legalize racial discrimination and profiling, and set a

precedent that damages our constitution,” the petition reads. “The

Fourth Amendment protects us against unreasonable search and seizures — 

however, this policy allows the disregard of 'probable cause.'”

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