Mayor Jean Quan Apologizes to Occupy Oakland, Gets Booed Off Stage

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan is quickly becoming more unpopular than Ron Dellums, who made history when he decided not to seek a second term (he was that unpopular!). Quan, who allowed police to raid the Occupy Oakland camp on Tuesday morning, tried to publicly apologize to the protesters last night, but was dramatically booed and jeered off stage, according to news outlets.

Quan, who was elected mayor just 11 months ago, took the stage at the group's general assembly meeting at about 10 p.m. last night and waited to speak to the crowd. But protesters chanted “go home!” until Quan took the hint and quietly slipped back into City Hall. She later delivered a written note apologizing to Occupy Oakland, according to news reports.

Quan really had no choice; her decision to let police raid the encampment where hundreds of protesters has been living in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, has been heavily criticized

across the nation. “I am deeply saddened by the outcome Tuesday. It was not what anyone hoped for, ultimately it was my

responsibility, and I apologize for what happened,” Quan said in her statement.

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