Mayor To Veto Narrow Approval of Clean Street Funding

Supervisor Jane Kim argues that San Franciscans can't wait any longer.

Though Supervisor Jane Kim secured just enough votes to fund additional street cleaning on Tuesday, the mayor is ready to veto it.

The Board of Supervisors on Tuesday voted 6-5 to approve additional funding to clean hazardous city streets, adding $1.1 million for resources. But Mayor Mark Farrell has made it clear that he plans to veto it.

“As I have said consistently, street cleaning will be a top priority for me in the upcoming budget and my proposal will be much more comprehensive and geared to meet the needs of every neighborhood in San Francisco,” Farrell says in a statement.

Supervisors who voted against the measure — Malia Cohen, Catherine Stefani, Ahsha Safai, Katy Tang and Jeff Sheehy — also emphasized that the city streets need significantly more attention, but that these funds should be assessed during the budget discussion. Farrell will submit a budget proposal by June 1.

But supervisors who supported the funding agreed that the city must act today, not in two months. As Kim argued, San Franciscans are not familiar with the fiscal timeline and want to see changes now. 

“They don’t want to wait an additional two months,” Kim says. “Our residents are begging for relief. It’s just not okay to step over human feces.”

The proposal initially called for $2.5 million in funding, which Kim reduced to $1.1 million after  Yee — who voted in support — questioned how much was vital to get the Department of Public Works going. Kim acknowledged that there were deep-rooted issues leading to horrific sidewalk conditions for residents, but that the board needed to act now to stop a public health crisis.

After the Board of Supervisors Clerk passes it onto him, Farrell has 10 days to veto it.

So the next time the wind knocks over your recycling bin, don’t expect the city to have the resources to help you right away.


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