Mayor's Office Strikes Back at David Chiu In Memo On Nightclub Violence

The Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice has sent a memo to Board of Supervisors President David Chiu asking him to back off efforts to set up a stricter nightclub permitting process, the latest volley in an intensifying intra-city feud over how to handle rising club violence.

The memo, dated June 19, was recently obtained by SF Weekly. It concerns legislation that would affect how the San Francisco Entertainment Commission — a seven-member board of political appointees who wield the crucial power to grant or revoke nightclub permits — does business. In it, Kevin Ryan, the fired U.S. attorney who now heads the mayor's criminal justice office, upbraids Chiu for seeking to crack down too harshly on the commission's laissez-faire approach to permitting.

“It is my opinion, as both a career law enforcement officer, and a life-long San Franciscan, that the late night activities outlined above do not substantively contribute to nightlife-related violence,” Ryan wrote. He continued, “Restricting night life in San Francisco could have downward effects on associated businesses — restaurants, bars, theaters and other activities which draw people into the city.”

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