Medical Marijuana Activists Add to Attorney General Eric Holder's List of Woes

Attorney General Eric Holder is an embattled man. For refusing to release documents related to the Fast and the Furious “gun-walking” scandal, Congress on Thursday voted to hold the country's top law enforcement officer in contempt.

Holder may face criminal charges after the contempt vote, the first such move taken against a sitting Cabinet official. Senate Republicans are calling on the AG to resign — and now medical marijuana advocates are piling on, seeking to add to Holder's woes.

On June 7, Holder told Congress what he's been saying for years: The Justice Department isn't touching state law-abiding medical marijuana. Then on June 11, the Justice Department did what they've been doing for years: They raided dispensary El Camino Wellness in Sacramento, which, according to advocates, had been obeying all the rules.

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