Medical Marijuana Activists Occupy the Capitol

As the pleasant Sacramento spring turns into the furnace of the Central Valley summer, so too is the heat turned up in the corridors of the state Capitol: It's budget season, and it's also last call for certain bills stalled in the Legislature to get a hearing before a June 1 deadline sends them into limbo.

This means it's also prime time for rallies on the Capitol steps. And Monday was a busy day at the podium for Assemblyman Tom Ammiano. The San Francisco Democrat was out front of the state dome twice, rallying for bills he's authored reforming work rules for domestic workers and — what else? — revamping the state's medical marijuana system.

Ammiano wasn't alone — and neither were his colleagues in the Legislature. Some 300 cannabis advocates from across California shared the steps with Ammiano — and then shared the air with 120 of his fellow lawmakers, on whose Capitol office doors they spent the afternoon knocking to drum up support for AB 2312. You see, not only was it rally day, it was Lobby Day. Occupy kids, take note.

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