Medical Marijuana Advocates Petition Nancy Pelosi to End Federal Crackdown on Pot Clubs

Pot patients are marching to Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi's San Francisco office as we type to deliver a petition demanding she do something to stop the ongoing and significant crackdown on local pot clubs.

The petition, which you can find here, asks Pelosi to defend medical marijuana users who rely on medical marijuana to relieve themselves of pain they have from illnesses. Five city-permitted pot dispensaries have shuttered their doors in the last few months, and five more are slated to close this month, thanks to President Obama's unpopular policies on medical marijuana.

Here's what the petition says:

Representative Pelosi, you have been a strong advocate for patients' rights and a supporter of the use of medical cannabis in California. The San Francisco Bay area has historically been a haven for HIV/AIDS patients and others with chronic illnesses such as glaucoma, diabetes, and cancer. We the undersigned ask Rep. Pelosi to stand with us in defending medical cannabis dispensaries and patients from persecution, to advise President Obama about the unwarranted persecution of medical cannabis patients and dispensaries, to call for an investigation of the constitutionality of California dispensary closures, and to facilitate setting up a emergency medical cannabis distribution system for catastrophically ill patients whose physicians recommended medical cannabis as part of their treatment in the district you represent.

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