Medical Marijuana Makes for Sober, Safer Drivers, Study Says

While medical marijuana advocates will politely ask them to stop talking whenever the subject arises, there are many cannabis users who will claim that the task of operating a motor vehicle is safer when the driver is a bit stoned.

Turns out that researchers crunching traffic data from 13 states — including car- and cannabis-crazy California — arrived at a similar conclusion, only with an extra hitch: Drivers in states with medical marijuana laws are not only safer, they're more sober.

A 9 percent drop in traffic fatalities and a 5 percent drop in beer sales were observed in states where cannabis is legal, according to a study conducted by economics professors at the University of Colorado-Denver and Montana State University.

Something to consider: Traffic deaths are the leading cause of death among Americans ages five to 34, and as MADD reminds us, drinking-and-driving-related fatalities affect even the sober. So medical marijuana makes the roads safer for everyone.

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