Medical Marijuana: Three New Dispensaries Approved in the Excelsior District

What's the adage? One step forward, two steps back? In the case of medical marijuana in San Francisco, it's “five pot clubs shut down by the federal government, three new ones opened up by city government.”

City planning officials approved three new medical marijuana dispensaries for the city's Excelsior District on Thursday evening, including two on the same block. Our friends at the Examiner stuck it out for the entire hearing, long enough to see The Green Cross's location on the 4200 block of Mission Street and the applications of Mission Organics and Tree-Med approved for the 5200 block of Mission Street (believe it or not, hipsters, Mission Street does not end at El Rio).

The clubs were approved after their applications were put on indefinite hold, not once, but twice, as a state court case made its way to the Supreme Court and as the Department of Public Health halted all new pot club permits as it decided how to proceed. For Green Cross particularly, it was a long road: Its application was filed over a year ago.

This will mean a new dawn for the Excelsior as a dispensary-having district, and one that appears to sharply divide the neighborhood.

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