Memo to Elena Kagan: Come Out of the Closet

“She's a lesbian!” said Betty White over and over again on Saturday Night Live this past weekend. White was talking about a character in a Little Women parody but she might as well have been talking about Elena Kagan, President Barack Obama's candidate to replace John Paul Stevens on the U.S. Supreme Court.

A month ago when Stevens announced his resignation, reports about Kagan's vaginal appetite began to emerge. CBS posted a blog report about Obama considering an openly gay justice that created a furor. After pressure from the administration, CBS took down the post.

The White House told the Washington Post that the writer made “false charges” about Kagan and that referring to Kagan as being gay was “applying an old stereotype to single women with successful careers.” The Obama team got very defensive and downright weird about the way Kagan was being discussed. Obviously they were freaking out because Kagan was their choice and they don't want her filthy secret to fuck up the Senate confirmation.

Unfortunately for the administration, the story is probably true.

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