Mirkarimi's 'Baby Mama' Launches Mother of All Blogs

SF Weekly's proud Baby Mama of the Year now has a blog

Eliana Lopez, the Venezuelan soap star who gave birth to a son this year with Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi, launched a Spanish-language blog this month about motherhood named maminatural.  Its glamorous tagline: “Being a woman, being a mother, being natural,”

With 18 followers so far, Lopez spins out advice for new moms and natural birth, and includes some sassy photos of herself pregnant as well as of Mirkarimi in his early forays into fatherhood. (Cheese/heartstring alert for the pic of Mirkarimi smiling up at Baby Theo in a redwood grove.) 

Naturally, we're partial to the post in which she announces she won “Best Baby Mama” in SF Weekly's 2009 Best of San Francisco issue. Here's what she had to say:

“The newspaper San Francisco Weekly named me the best new mom of 2009. I think that they were captivated by the photos that Franca Franchi took of me pregnant, and that's why they picked me. :-)”

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