Mission Luxury Condo Plans Under Fire: Surprised?

Do you hate the “vertical earthquake” that is transforming your quaint little San Francisco into some crappy facsimile of a certain east coast city that shall remain unnamed? Feeling a little contrarian? Want to sock it to those evil, money-grubbing developers? Then have we got the event for you! Tomorrow is the final Board of Appeals meeting concerning that new 50 foot luxury condo planned for 700 Valencia (at 18th) in the Mission.

Opponents claim that the building plan is out of scale with the surrounding structures, lacks affordable housing, and obscures the view of the beautiful Rigoberta Menchu mural on the eastern face of the nearby Women's Building on 18th. Proponents claim that, well, who the hell knows. But you can certainly find out tomorrow. Here's the skinny:

What: Board of Appeals hearing

When: Wednesday, April 9 (tomorrow) at 5:00 p.m.

Where: San Francisco City Hall, Room 416

photo courtesy/hansschnier on Flickr

— B.B.

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