Mission Property Owners Ask Feds to Close Medical Marijuana Club That's Not Yet Opened

Opening a new store, building a backyard deck, erecting a skyscraper — getting stuff built in San Francisco, known to wonks as “the planning process,” is nothing if not participatory.

Residents, merchants, and even neighborhood regulars who live elsewhere are welcome to challenge development projects, many of which have been derailed, altered, or abandoned over the years following public input.

This public process has proven not quite sufficient for a group of property owners in the Mission District. They've asked the federal Justice Department to shut down the Morado Collective — a dispensary proposed for a property owned by Gus Murad (of Medjool fame) on the 2500 block of Mission Street — provided that the Planning Commission even approve the dispensary's permit at a hearing today.

Why would neighbors go to the feds to kibosh a new business? Owners of “white-linen” restaurants and other family-friendly businesses feel a pot club would hurt their bottom lines — and they think it's the only way their wishes can be respected and the club nipped in the bud.

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