Mitt Romney Visits Bay Area to Get as Far Away from Obamacare Debate as He Can

While the U.S. Supreme Court debates the constitutionality of Obamacare over in D.C., GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has made sure to keep his distance from the debate — literally. The former Massachusetts governor, who has been criticized himself over “Romneycare,” traveled some 3,000 miles to the Bay Area, where he hosted a private fundraising event in Redwood City last night.

A Romney reception was at the Hotel Sofitel San Francisco

Bay, where tickets to get in the door started at $1,000 per person went as high as $25,000.

Of course, Romney's presence didn't go undisputed — and that was the entertainment for the night. The fun-loving Raging Grannies and disgruntled occupiers staged an unusual protest outside the hotel, where they mocked the presidential hopeful with their adopted billionaire personas.

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