Monta Ellis' (Alleged) Penis Waved Around by Lawyer

In a likely legal first, an attorney representing a former Golden State Warriors employee who claims she received unwelcome and explicit text messages from star guard Monta Ellis brandished an enlarged photo of a schlong for the gathered hordes of media.

“We don't care if it was his or not,” employment lawyer Burton Boltuch told the crowd. “But we know it came from him and he said it was his junk.”

Having a penis photo waved at them seems to have unnerved both of our major dailies. The Chronicle, in a story about a man accused of sending photos of his “junk” across the Internet, referred to Ellis as “the franchise's most recognized member.” The Examiner, meanwhile, described the image Boltuch displayed to the press as “a photo of a male penis.” You know, as opposed to a female penis.     

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