More Milk: Open Casting Call For Castro March Extras

Filming for the Gus Van Sant biopic about Harvey Milk, Milk, starring Sean Penn, starts this week in San Francisco. There's yet another call for extras, only this time you're just about guaranteed a spot in the re-creation of three 1970s Castro marches, assuming you show up. The marches will take place on Monday February 4, and Friday, February 8. Register here:

“We are looking for volunteers to appear in the these marches in the film. THERE ARE NO AUDITIONS. IF YOU SIGN-UP ON THIS SITE AND SHOW UP, YOU WILL BE USED. All ages, races and genders are welcome. But, you MUST be 18 or over to participate.”

SFist lays out a helpful list of items that are discouraged for participants:

  • NO Trendy designer jeans with overt modern finishes; extremely faded legs, wiskering, embroidery, large logos, etc. [i.e., no zhooshing, homos. — bk]

  • NO clothing with branding such as Abercrombie, Nike, Gap, etc; NO overt phrases or logos.

  • NO clothing items that are made from identifiable modern materials such as Polar Fleece, Velcro, gore tex, etc.

  • NO modern-looking sneakers that appear to be made with advanced materials, air pumps, clear rubbers, etc.

  • NO Garish bright colors such as BRIGHT white or red, or “Wacky” disco-themed '70s “Halloween Costumes” [i.e., no burners]

    — Brian Bernbaum

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