More Police Stations Hop on the Twitter Bandwagon

The Tenderloin police station was the first to start informing its constituents of arrests via social media.

The prolific Twitter era of San Francisco’s Tenderloin police station has seemingly inspired at least three other police station to better inform their own followers.

Mission Station is having its own social media moment with recent detailed updates on police activity while Park and Ingleside offer more than usual. A tweet on Feb. 12 about undercover drug busts seems to have kicked off a healthier mix of informative developments and general community notices for the Mission District. 

Before February, Mission Station largely tweeted about meetings, newsletters or celebrations like Bayview continues to do. Ingleside and Park stations mostly stuck to feel-good PR messages and traffic updates but now occasionally tweet detail-ridden reports. Northern Station still hasn’t tweeted since Dec. 14.

Tenderloin station kicked off the Twitter activity earlier this year around the same time Beyond Chron published “How the police fail the Tenderloin.” But fellow stations can learn from its success and mistakes as a new social media star, like when Twitter users pointed out that they arrested someone for selling newly-legal marijuana.

As SF Weekly mentioned before, having juicy arrest reports on a platform designed around immediacy is a pretty welcome change from the curated recaps sent to local press on weekdays. May the new attitude spread far and wide.

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