More Shake-Ups at San Francisco SPCA

After being closed all day Thursday for a series of mandatory staff meetings, San Francisco's SPCA re-opened today — but not, it seems, with all the services available previously.

The SPCA has now posted on its Web site that its internationally renowned Academy for Dog Trainers — which instructed animal trainers from around the nation and world — will be shut down. Instructors Jean Donaldson and Janis Bradley will be working to “develop a new educational offering outside the SF SPCA.” 

SF Weekly also heard from sources close to the SPCA that a number of other employees who worked behaviorally with animals have been let go. In short, SPCA critics told SF Weekly that the SPCA continues to do away with staff who worked with problematic animals in the name of economic expedience, which will increase the number of “unadoptable” dogs and cats being euthanized — a complaint leveled in an SF Weekly cover story and a recent article in Northside Magazine.  

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