Morrissey Alleges Sexual Assault by Security Guard at SFO, TSA Denies Misconduct

Morrissey, the 56-year-old British singer, is accusing a San Francisco Airport security guard of sexually assaulting him on Monday, SF Gate reports

In a post on his “zine” website, the former leadsinger for The Smiths describes the incident: 

At 2:30 in the afternoon I went through the usual airport security procedure including the stand-up 'scanner', and all was well – no bleeps and nothing unusual.

Before I could gather my belongings from the usual array of trays I was approached by an “airport security officer” who stopped me, crouched before me and groped my penis and testicles. He quickly moved away as an older “airport security officer” approached.

[jump] According to his account, Morrissey filed an official complaint at the urging of two British Airways representatives, who were accompanying him through the airport. In his post, Morrissey describes a confrontation between someone and the security guard in question:

You have just sexually groped this man.
Officer: That's just your opinion.
What you have done is illegal.
Officer: That's just your opinion.
You have no right to do what you have just done.
Officer: That's just your opinion.

Apart from “that's just your opinion”, he would not comment, even though, since the penis and testicles were mine and no one else's, then my opinion must surely have some meaning. But, of course, what the airport security officer was saying was: your opinion will never count in the eyes of the law. The words “that's just your opinion” volunteered themselves from this 'officer's' mouth before he had even heard the question. He knew he could be confronted, but he also knew that he could never be challenged (even though the entire incident is most certainly on CCTV camera).

According to Rolling Stone, TSA reviewed the CCTV footage of the incident and determined there was no wrongdoing: 

A TSA spokesperson has denied any officer misconduct to Rolling Stone. “TSA takes all allegations of misconduct seriously and strives to treat every passenger with dignity and respect,” Mike England says. “Upon review of closed circuit TV footage, TSA determined that the supervised officer followed standard operating procedures in the screening of this individual.”

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