Move Your Money Day: San Francisco Residents to Dump Their Banks

In what could be the first practical request by the Occupy Movement yet, protesters are asking everyone across the nation to take part in the “Move Your Money Day” tomorrow and divert their investments from big banks.

It might seem ambitious, but considering how the mass exodus of customers from Netflix considerably hurt the online video company, it's possible big banks could feel some pain if the 99 percent bail on them, too.

And San Francisco is no exception. Tomorrow, residents from the city's poorest neighborhoods will gather with local politicians and essentially threaten their banks. These residents, who are at risk of losing their homes, will call on banks located in their community to either modify loans, reduce principal, and invest in more home ownership, or they will move their money and push them out of the local community.

They will deliver these demands to the five big banks, including Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Citi, Chase, and US Bank.

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