Mr. Marina Contender Talks About the Event That Declares One Beautiful Beefcake to Rule All

While San Francisco gets a bad rap for being dirty, grungy, and chock-full of panhandlers — the city also boasts a softer side, a better coiffed and more dapperly dressed side. We call it the Marina.

Later tonight, one fine (competitive) man will be crowned Mr. Marina and get all the fist-pumpin' swag that goes with it. While the Marina gets dubbed as the district filled with the drunken douchebags, this cancer charity event might make you think twice before lashing out at these guys.

SF Weekly got the chance to have a quick pre-contest confab with Johnny Affourtit, one of 10 final contenders who'll be showing off their biceps and much more at Ruby Skye among 1,000 adoring fans.

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