Multi-Million Dollar Startup Celebrates Acquisition by Trashing Dolores Park

A multi-­million dollar startup celebrating a big acquisition may have just launched themselves into the middle of the latest Dolores Park culture war.

A tipster tells SF Weekly that Twice, a Mission District clothing resale startup hot off being bought up by eBay, was out in Dolores Park yesterday in full celebration mode, drinking champagne, eating pizza, and launching confetti in the air. But when the party was over, the park remained covered in their refuse, with one Twice co­founder chalking the affair up to “#startuplife.”

[jump] Pictures sent to SF Weekly by a tipster show confetti strewn across the park ­­far beyond the reaches of the party itself.

The party is almost certain to draw the ire of Dolores Park's neighbors and the city's Recreation and Parks Department. Since early this year, there has been a vocal and visible campaign to curb the frequent littering in the park, including dozens of news stories and op-­eds in publications across town. Coinciding with the reopening of the northern half of the park last month, Rec & Park launched the #lovedolores campaign aimed at millennials, hoping to use YouTube stunts and hashtags to persuade them to pack out their trash.

That campaign was apparently missed by Twice, which had previously raised over $23 million from venture capital firms ranging from Andreessen Horowitz to Ron Conway's SV Angel. At the end of the party, Twice co­founder and CTO Calvin Young Instagrammed the aftermath, with confetti poppers and gently crushed beer cans in front of his immaculate shoes, writing, “Post party aftermath @ #dolorespark #pbr #startuplife.”

Update: Several commenters have suggested the party was not an acquisition celebration but a farewell party for employees who had been laid off. Twice has not responded to requests for comment. We will update the story when they do.

** An employee from the company has confirmed that this was a farewell party for the staff, which was almost entirely laid off.

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