Muni Budget Leaves Board Prez David Chiu Mystified

Board of Supervisors President David Chiu likes to remind people that he's a Muni rider. Come May 8, with 10 percent service cuts taking effect, he'll be a Muni waiter, just like everyone else.

Unlike everyone else, however, Chiu has the option of casting a vote for Muni to scrap its proposed budget and start anew. He wouldn't confirm to SF Weekly that he'd do that if Muni refused to significantly alter with the budget its board approved on April 20 — but he came close.

“I am not at all prepared to accept it,” said Chiu, who last year initiated an effort to squelch the Municipal Transportation Authority's budget leading to a “compromise” that didn't really please anybody. “I think the MTA budget, as presented, will need to change.”

Here are Chiu's sticking points:

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